Online Research

Internet research is becoming more prevalent and useful as the number of people online continues to grow and expand. The Internet is an excellent arena to gather data quickly and effectively. It is an ideal environment for respondents to give their opinions at their leisure. Whether it’s a B2B survey or a consumer survey, online research is a valuable tool for gathering intelligence about your market.


Focus Group Moderation

Obtain specific information you need before spending large sums on new products, product modifications, advertising or a host of other decisions to be made in your business environment. Focus Groups are used to explore both rational and emotional reactions to products, services, and advertising themes. And they are ideal for originating new concepts or developing hypotheses prior to constructing research for large-scale quantitative studies. READ MORE...


Website Usability Testing

Nothing can improve your site more than getting actual users to perform tasks on the site and tell you what works and what doesn't. Our affordable user testing services provide these valuable insights. Individuals in your target market are brought to a mobile user testing lab in their home town and asked to perform tasks and provide feedback on your Website. Complete reporting and documentation of the process is included along with detailed recommended site improvements.


Telephone Interviewing

Research Inc.’s telephone interviewing staff is trained on each and every project to fully understand the client’s objectives and accurately gather information from respondents.  Our interviewing staff is and monitored for quality control throughout all phases of the research project.


One-on-One Indepth Interviews

Sometimes in-person interviews are required to obtain more in-depth information from a target customer or prospect group.  Our professional interviewers are available to hold in-depth interviews at our facility or go on on-site to a respondent’s location to interview them.  These in-depth interviews allow more time for the interviewer to ask probing questions and dig deeper to uncover issues that would not normally surface in a telephone interview.  They are often used when interviewing busy executives.


In-Person Intercepts

Our fully trained professional interviewing staff is on hand to intercept and interview your customers while they are engaged in a retail experience at your locations.  Our interviewers are trained to engage your customers or prospects in short but meaningful conversations to obtain feedback about your products and services.