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Site Location Analysis

Site Location Analysis

Prior to investing in real estate or entering into a long term lease for your new facility be sure you are selecting the best site available. Our Site Location Analysis can identify where your existing customers are, where target customers can be found and where competition is.

We can also assess site visibility and discover growth projections and numerous other factors management can use before making a huge financial commitment. Where you have already identified a proposed site, or are trying to obtain potential sites, our Site Location study can help you make the right decision.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

If you are concerned about whether your employees are giving proper customer service, are knowledgeable about your product line or are following sales procedures, a mystery shop can be done.

Our Mystery Shop Program uses professionally trained “shoppers” to pose as customers and evaluate how your employees perform based on a certain set of criteria. For more complete information we also shop your competitors to see how you compare to the competition. Management can use this information to develop training guidelines, set sales quotas and services standards, or make other strategic decisions.

Employee Satisfaction Research

Employee Satisfaction Research

Motivated, satisfied employees are one of your company’s greatest assets. Happy employees tend to be more productive and more likely to deliver superior customer service than dissatisfied employees.

Our Employee Satisfaction Study involves objective interviews or focus groups to determine how satisfied your employees are with their jobs, benefits, work environment, salaries, company image and more. By having Research Inc. conduct this study you are more likely to get open and honest answers that will help you make informed management decisions.



Customer Satisfaction Research

Customer Satisfaction Research

Top-notch customer service is often the key to success for any company. Study after study continues to show it is more profitable to satisfy existing customers rather than spending money to find new customers.

Are you really giving your customers what they want? Our Customer Satisfaction Research identifies gaps between what customers want and what you deliver. Periodic measurements provide management with a tool to evaluate progress towards improving customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Case Study

HomeTrust Banking Partnership

The HomeTrust Banking Partnership, a partnership of five banks in cities from the mountains to the Piedmont in Western North Carolina, desires to deliver top-notch service to its customers.  To achieve this goal, the bank wanted to develop a program that would measure and track customers' satisfaction with the service they receive at each of HomeTrust's branch locations.



Brand Image & Awareness Research

Brand Image and Awareness Research

Measure the success of your marketing efforts using our Market Image & Awareness Research study. This research gives you benchmark levels for awareness, advertising recall and market perception.

It is an ideal way to track your image against your competitors’ or to determine if any changes need to be made to your product, your advertising message or your media use. Such studies can be conducted as ongoing surveys for continuous and consistent management information.


Brand Image & Awareness Case Study

South Carolina Federal Credit Union

South Carolina Federal Credit Union is among the 100 largest credit unions in the United States with more than $1 billion in assets and more than 148,000 members.  They attribute this phenomenal growth to their commitment of looking out for their members and staying ahead of their needs.  With that in mind, South Carolina Federal wanted to design a strong brand image that delivered this appropriate brand promise to consumers and businesses in its service area.




Communications & Reaction Testing

Communications and Reaction Testing

Make effective use of your budget with our Communications & Reaction test before you make large media or direct mail purchases.

Our research can be used to determine consumer preference, comprehension and reaction to proposed print, TV, radio, outdoor and internet campaigns. It can also be used to compare competitive offerings.

Communications and Reaction Testing Case Study

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, one of the premier pediatric hospitals in the country, strives to enhance the lives of children through excellent patient care, research and education.  The healthcare organization is especially committed to providing families with the resources they need to prevent illness and accidental injury whenever possible.  In an effort to help prevent teen injuries, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta initiated a campaign advocating seatbelt usage among teenagers.

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